The Politico 50: Brad Thor

September 8, 2017

“The difference between fiction and reality,” laughs Brad Thor, paraphrasing Mark Twain, “is that people expect fiction to make sense.” The author of 18 political espionage thrillers, most recently this summer’s Use...

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Brad on Morning Joe

September 6, 2017

Brad Thor and Linette Lopez join Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for a discussion on what challenges are ahead this fall for the president. Watch now.

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Thor Uses “Force”

August 24, 2017

Brad Thor has made our collective hearts beat faster with each word he puts to paper. Find out what is behind his latest best-selling thriller “Use of Force.” See the interview.

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Inside the World of Brad Thor

July 21, 2017

The striped towels, deck chairs and palm fronds outside Rockefeller Center lent the Today Show set a distinctive summer vibe as Matt Lauer told viewers, “The Fourth of July weekend’s...

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