Rising Tiger

Rising Tiger


“Un-freaking-believable – It’s now a word in Webster’s because of this book”

The Crew Reviews

“An amazing thriller!”

Fred Burton

“Rising Tiger is ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.”

Wharton Journal Spectator

“Thriller fans of all stripes will devour this book!”

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"The pace in Rising Tiger is blistering. It’s a can’t-put-it-down kind of book."


"Nobody is doing what Thor is doing."

The Real Book Spy

“An intense, eye-opening thriller that is head and shoulders above anything else like it on the market.”


"A fabulous thriller!"

Hugh Hewitt

"A riveting, roller coaster ride unlike any you’ve been on."

The Epoch Times

The Story

Deadly operative Scot Harvath faces down the country’s most powerful enemy in #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor’s new white-knuckle thriller.

An unprecedented, potentially nation-ending threat has materialized on the world stage. Fearful of the global consequences of engaging this enemy, administration after administration has passed the buck. The clock, however, has run out and doing nothing is no longer an option. It is time to unleash Scot Harvath.

As America’s top spy, Harvath has the unparalleled skills and experience necessary to handle any situation, but this assignment feels different.

Thrust into a completely unfamiliar culture, with few he can trust, the danger begins mounting the moment he arrives. Amidst multiple competing forces and a host of deadly agendas, it becomes nearly impossible to tell predator from prey.

With democracy itself hanging in the balance, Harvath will risk everything to untangle the explosive plot and bring every bad actor to justice.

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Chapter Excerpt

The battle had been barbaric. Forbidden from using firearms in the disputed border region, the Chinese soldiers had crept across the “Line of Actual Control” in the middle of the night armed with iron clubs studded with spikes, and bats wrapped with barbed wire. The brutal, medieval-style hand-to-hand combat had lasted for over six hours.

In the early light of dawn, a bitterly cold wind—like the breath of death itself—blew down the steep valley from the glaciers above. Bodies lay everywhere. The jagged stones along the banks of the chalky blue Galwan River were covered in blood.

Despite China’s gruesome surprise attack, the Ladakh Scouts had courageously charged into the fight. Known as the “Snow Warriors,” they were one of the Indian Army’s toughest, most fearsome, and most decorated regiments. They had only one mandate—to guard against the Chinese invading India via this section of the Himalayas.

The Snow Warriors had succeeded in their mission, but their success had come at a devastating cost. Twenty Indian soldiers had been killed and almost twice as many Chinese. Amid escalating tension between the two nations, it had been one of their deadliest altercations yet. And once more, China had been the aggressor. The reason for the aggression, at least to those paying attention, was obvious.


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