The Athena Project

The Athena Project


“Think 007 in stilettos and you’ve got the women of The Athena Project. The thriller genre just got shaken and stirred.”

Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Tough Customer

“Move over ‘Charlie’s Angels’ – thrillmeister Thor has a group of four femmes fighting crime in his latest pulse-pounding story.”

New York Post

“Brad Thor’s The Athena Project, first in a sexy new suspense series featuring a crack team of female operatives, delivers—big time.”

The Literary Guild

“Read it because: “Incredible brilliance often dwells on the razor’s edge of madness …!’”

Associated Content

“The Athena Project is now my favorite Brad Thor book”

The Jawa Report

“Fun, fast, and will suck you into the sequels.”

“As with the work of his semi-fictional special ops, there’s no wasted motion in a Brad Thor novel, just a cool, commanding professionalism that delivers in the end what was promised at the beginning, in spades.”

“Thor’s fans will want to read The Athena Project immediately, as will those looking to jump onto a new thriller series by an author with a track record for creating riveting and addicting prose on every page he writes.”

“(The Athena Project) delivers on every front, earning every genre-applicable adjective from ‘action-packed’ to ‘zoom-paced.’”

The Story

The world’s most elite counterterrorism unit has just taken its game to an entirely new level. And not a moment too soon . . .

From behind the rows of razor wire, a new breed of counterterrorism operator has emerged.

Just as skilled, just as fearsome, and just as deadly as their colleagues, Delta Force’s newest members have only one thing setting them apart—their gender. Part of a top-secret, all-female program codenamed The Athena Project, four of Delta’s best and brightest women are about to undertake one of the nation’s deadliest assignments.

When a terrorist attack in Rome kills more than twenty Americans, Athena Team members Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson,

Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper are tasked with hunting down the Venetian arms dealer responsible for providing the explosives. But there is more to the story than anyone knows.

In the jungles of South America, a young U.S. intelligence officer has made a grisly discovery. Surrounded by monoliths covered with Runic symbols, one of America’s greatest fears appears to have come true. Simultaneously in Colorado, a foreign spy is close to penetrating the mysterious secret the U.S. government has hidden beneath Denver International Airport.

As the women close in on their target, they will soon learn that another attack—one of unimaginable proportions—has already been set in motion, and the greatest threat they face may be the secrets kept by their own government.

Audio Sample

Chapter Excerpt

The sound of suppressed gunfire in the narrow fuselage was drowned out by the roar of the slipstream coupled with the plane’s engines. The soldiers accompanying the crates of documents back to Berlin lay dead and dying, their uniforms soaked with blood. Twenty-two-year-old Jacqueline Marceau ejected the spent magazine from her MP40 and inserted a fresh one.

Keeping an eye trained on the cockpit door, she shackled her prisoner, then retrieved her parachute and struggled into it.

She pulled a cap over her head and tucked her long blond hair inside so it wouldn’t whip her face on the way down. Next came goggles and a pair of leather gloves. It might have been summertime on the ground, but at this altitude it was bitterly cold.

She gave her gear one final check and then helped her prisoner to his feet. “Time to move, Herr Stiegler.” The SS officer tried to fight back, but Marceau was ready for him.

She slammed her weapon into his groin and as he doubled over, wrapped a webbing harness around his torso.

Stepping behind him, Marceau grabbed his chin and yanked his head back, causing him to stand up straighter. As he did, she ran the two final straps between his legs and clipped them in to the back of the harness.

“I hope you’re not afraid of heights,” she quipped, shoving the man toward the Arado’s rear loading ramp.

Displeased with his pace, Marceau jabbed him in the kidney with the MP40 and told him, “Mach schnell!”

Stiegler tried to call out to the cockpit for help, but it was no use. Marceau gave him another punch with her weapon and drove him to the edge of the ramp.

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