Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


"Code of Conduct succeeds fantastically at being an engaging and fast-paced thriller with characters that leave their mark on the reader… Fans of political and covert military ops thrillers will love this book."

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“This very human political thriller offers glimpses of the man behind the muscle.”

Vail Daily

“In CODE OF CONDUCT, he has pushed the boundaries beyond what we have come to expect of a Brad Thor novel.”

“Hemorrhagic fever. Israeli spies. African revolutionaries. Secret organizations. Special ops. Malthusian philosophy. Mix these enticing ingredients together, add a dash of conservative ideology, cook on high, and the outcome is a summer thriller worthy of the genre.”

Chapter 16 Magazine

“Brad Thor has a knack for writing tense thrillers with complex and disturbing political underpinnings. If you like political thriller books, or shows such as 24 or The Unit (without all of the drama), you should definitely check out this series.”

4LN - Four Letter Nerd

"And that elevates "Code of Conduct" above Thor’s supremely effective action tales to a "Three Days of the Condor"-like level with Harvath at times channeling his inner Robert Redford. [T]he result is a prescient thriller by a writer with a knack for pointing the looking glass forward at what’s about to come. Looking forward myself, I predict "Code of Conduct" will be one of the best hardcore thrillers of the year that, like the very best of the genre, will leave you thinking."

Providence Journal

“The true effects of the onslaught and chaos that follow are treated as secondary to how everything relates to Harvath on a personal level, which makes the book a much better read. Thor tackles the fear of terrorism and makes it both a scary and an exciting read.”

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The Story

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor presents his greatest thriller ever—an action-packed literary tour de force!

Hidden deep within one of the world’s most powerful organizations is a secret committee with a devastating agenda. Its members are afforded incredible protections—considered elites, untouchables.

But when four seconds of video is captured halfway around the world and anonymously transmitted to D.C., covert wheels are set in motion, and counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath is tapped to undertake the deadliest assignment of his career.

What begins as a favor will evolve into a globe-spanning drama of highly personal stakes played out against a backdrop of stunning international intrigue, duplicitous political gamesmanship, and the darkest, most clandestine fears of the espionage world.

With razor-sharp plotting, richly rendered characters, and heart-stopping surprises on every page, Thor isn’t just at the top of his game—he owns the entire genre.

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Chapter Excerpt

When word leaked that the President had been taken to the Bethesda Naval Hospital for observation, panic set in. If the President of the United States wasn’t safe from the virus, no one was.

Scot Harvath swerved around the car in front of him and sped through the intersection as the light changed. The traffic was worsening. Quarantine rumors had sent people rushing to stores to stock up.

“We don’t need to do this,” the woman sitting next to him said.

What she meant was that he didn’t need to do this. He could leave, too. He didn’t have to stay behind in D.C.

“I’ve already talked to Jon and his wife,” he replied. “You’ll be safe there.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be okay. I’ll join you as soon as I can.”

He was lying. It was a white lie, meant to make her feel better, but it was a lie nonetheless. They were already talking about shutting down air traffic. That’s why he needed to get her out tonight.

“What if we’re overreacting?” she asked.

“We’re not.”

Lara knew he was right. She had seen the projections. Even the “best case” numbers were devastating. The cities would be the hardest hit. Hospitals were already at surge capacity, and were being overrun by otherwise healthy people who had convinced themselves they were showing one or more of the virus’s symptoms. It was beginning to make it impossible for real emergencies like heart attacks and breathing problems brought on by severe asthma to be seen. And it was only going to get worse.

Cities, towns, and villages from coast to coast scrambled to figure out how they would continue to deliver essential services, in addition to dealing with the staggering number of bodies if the death toll reached even half of what was being predicted. In a word, they couldn’t.

As they succumbed to the virus or stayed home to protect their own families, fewer and fewer first responders would be available. Soon, 911 call centers would go down. After that, water treatment facilities and power plants. Hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores would cease operating—the majority of them looted and burned to the ground. Chaos and anarchy would reign.

The only people who might hope to survive were those who had exercised some degree of caution and had prepared in advance. But even then, there was still no guarantee. Riding in the wake of Death and his pale horse was another force that would prove just as devastating—those who planned to take advantage of the chaos.

Suddenly, two blue-and-white Department of Homeland Security Suburbans spun around the corner and came racing toward them, their lights and sirens blaring.

Harvath jerked his wheel hard to the right to get out of their way. Even then, he came within inches of being hit before the DHS vehicles swerved back into their lane.

Lara turned in her seat as they sped past. “Jesus!” she exclaimed. “Did you see that? They almost hit us.”

The chaos had officially started.

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