Full Black

Full Black



People Magazine

“Another storming, unthinkable thriller of mayhem and complexity”

Piers Morgan

“Anyone who thinks that the only thing to fear is fear itself should meet Brad Thor”


“[Brad Thor] is arguably the best political thriller writer of all time…”

Suspense Magazine

“A forceful defense of capitalism, freedom, and American character”

Front Page Magazine

“If you enjoy political thrillers as much as I do, do yourself a favor and spend some time with this book”


“Thor has mastered storytelling with fast pacing and plots that are relevant to American readers. And he’s one of the few novelists who has actually spent time with troops in Afghanistan so we know we can trust him for accuracy.”

Miami Herald

“For those who love thrillers, and those who take their politics seriously, there is no one better than Brad Thor”

Andrew Breitbart’s BigPeace.com

“Brad has yet again managed to take a world that few people see or know about, and expose readers to the inner workings of that world.”

Examiner.com (Houston)

“Suffice it to say that if you like tales with earth shaking consequences that involve many countries, many cities, and a lot of action, then this book is for you.”


“Full Black does not disappoint, and is full of twists and unexpected turns. Action officially starts in this book on page 1 and doesn’t ever really stop.”

The Jawa Report

“Thor’s books are always current, political, steeped in action, and more than a little controversial”

Rubicon Reader

The Story

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor brings readers his darkest and most intriguing thriller yet — a terrifying story of espionage and betrayal — brilliantly paced with superb nonstop action.

Born in the shadows and kept from heads of state, there are some missions so deadly, so sensitive, that they simply don’t exist. When one such mission goes horribly wrong, a wave of dramatic terrorist attacks is set in motion. Their goal: the complete and total collapse of the United States.

With the CIA’s intelligence abilities hobbled, former Navy SEAL Team 6 member turned covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath launches an audacious plan to infiltrate the terrorists’ network and prevent one of the biggest threats the United States has ever faced.

Simultaneously, a foreign wet work team has been sent to California. Their target: one of Hollywood’s most famous filmmakers. While working on a secret documentary project, movie producer Larry Salomon has unknowingly exposed one of the world’s wealthiest and most politically connected powerbrokers — a man with a radical anti-American agenda poised to plunge the nation into deadly, irreversible chaos.

As the plots rocket to their pulse-pounding conclusion and the identities of the perpetrators are laid stunningly bare, Harvath will be left with only one means to save America. Unable to trust anyone, he will be forced to go Full Black.

Intense and frighteningly realistic, FULL BLACK is, hands down, Brad Thor’s most riveting thriller to date.

Audio Sample

Chapter Excerpt

His timing had been perfect. Swerving back into the lane at the last possible second, he watched in his rearview mirror as the white Skoda Fabia behind him careened off the road and slammed into a large tree.

Applying his brakes, he pulled off the road and stepped out of his vehicle. The air smelled of spruce and spilled gasoline. The woman from the passenger side joined him. They needed to move fast.

Half their work had already been done for them. The terrorist in the Skoda’s passenger seat had not been wearing his seat belt. He was already dead.

The driver was trying to unbuckle himself when Scot Harvath arrived at his window. He was cursing at him in Arabic from inside. Harvath removed a spark plug from his pocket and used it to smash the man’s window.

Grasping the terrorist’s head, Harvath gave it a sharp twist and broke his neck. Gently, he guided the dead driver’s chin down to his chest.

The final passenger was a young Muslim man seated in the back of the car who had begun screaming. As Riley Turner opened his door she could see he had wet himself. Painting his chest with the integrated laser sight of her Taser, she pulled the trigger.

The compressed nitrogen propulsion system ejected two barbed probes and embedded them into the young man’s flesh. The insulated wires that led back to the weapon delivered a crackling pulse of electricity that incapacitated his neuromuscular capabilities.

Yanking open the opposite door, Harvath steered clear of the probes as he pulled the man from the vehicle and laid him on the ground. Once he had the man’s hands Flex-Cuffed behind his back, Harvath removed a roll of duct tape and placed a piece over his mouth. Producing a pair of pliers, Harvath snatched out the probes. The man winced and let out a cry of pain from behind his gag. As he did so, Harvath looked up to see a pearl gray Opel minivan approaching.

The van pulled parallel with the crash scene and slowed to a stop. The sliding door opened and a man in his midtwenties stepped out into a puddle of transmission fluid and broken glass.

The young operative’s name was Sean Chase. He was the product of an American father and an Egyptian mother. His features were such that Arabs saw him as Arab and Westerners took him for one of their own. The question was, would the members of the Uppsala cell accept him as well?

Chase was Harvath’s ultimate listening device, and he was going to switch places with the young Muslim man from the backseat, Mansoor Aleem. Mansoor and the Uppsala cell were the only link they had to a string of terrorist attacks that had targeted Americans in Europe and the United States. And as bloody as those attacks had been, they were supposedly nothing compared to what the plotters truly had in mind.

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