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"As former Case Officers we often avoid this genre – but Thor’s work's an exception. Excellent story line, fast-paced and, above all, some believable tradecraft (for once). We give it five daggers."


"A modern Cold War 2.0 thriller... impossible to put down"

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The Story

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Brad Thor, hailed as the “Master of Thrillers” (BookReporter.com) and the “Ultimate Thriller Writer” (Suspense Magazine), returns with a masterpiece of action, intrigue, and betrayal.

A rumor, a remote cabin in Norway, and an American intelligence operative charged with stopping the next world war before it begins—Scot Harvath’s mission is one of the deadliest he has ever undertaken.

Across Europe, a secret organization has begun attacking diplomats. Reminiscent of the Red Brigades and the Red Army Faction of the 1970s, these faceless terrorists appear to have the same goals. But in the shadowy realm of international espionage, looks are always deceptive.

As a prelude to war, one of the world’s most dangerous intelligence agencies has been charged with preparing the battlefield. Their job—to demoralize the enemy and win the conflict before it even begins. To do so, they will sow as much chaos, dissent, and destruction as possible. There’s only one obstacle standing in their way.

Dispatched to Europe, Scot Harvath and his team have been tasked with a critical assignment—to do whatever it takes to keep America and her NATO allies from being dragged into war.

But with his mentor out of the game, Harvath must play an additional role; one which he has spent his entire career avoiding, and one which he believes he is ill prepared to take on. In his most important operation ever, will he be able to thread this perilous needle? Or will it end up being the downfall of America and the West?

In Spymaster, Scot Harvath proves more cunning, more dangerous, and more lethal than ever before. With breathless pacing, ripped-from-the-headlines twists, and the predictive storytelling that are his trademark, Brad Thor has written his finest thriller. If you have never read a novel by “America’s favorite author” (KKTX), this Brad Thor novel is the place to start.

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Chapter Excerpt

The limbs of the tall pines hung heavy with ice. When they snapped, they gave off cracks that echoed through the forest like gunfire.

With each one, the small counterterrorism team from Norway’s Police Security Service, known as the PST, halted its advance and froze in place.

Seconds—sometimes even entire minutes—passed before they felt comfortable enough to begin moving again.

No one had expected the storm to be this bad. Ice covered everything and made the sloped ground almost impossible to walk on.

Several of the team members had wanted to wait. Their leader, though, had ordered them forward. The assault had to take place tonight. Backing them up was a contingent of Norwegian Forsvarets Spesial-kommandos, or FSK for short. Their commander wasn’t crazy about hitting a target under these conditions either, but he had reviewed the intelligence and had come to the same conclusion.

The two outsiders, sent up from North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters at the last minute and forced onto the team by the Norwegian government, didn’t get a vote. Though the American looked as if he could handle himself, and probably had on multiple occasions, they knew nothing about his background or the woman he was with. Therefore, the pair from NATO HQ also didn’t get any weapons. None of the Norwegians wanted to get shot in the back.

Encrypted radios, outfitted with bone conduction headsets, kept them connected to each other and to the PST operations center. They wore the latest panoramic night-vision goggles and carried a range of firearms from H&K 416s and MP5s to next-generation Glock 17s and USP Tactical pistols. Theirs was one of the best-equipped, best-trained teams the country had ever fielded for a domestic counterterrorism operation.

Their target was a weathered cabin in a remote, heavily wooded area. It had a long, grass-covered roof pierced by a thick black stovepipe. A season’s worth of firewood had been chopped and stacked outside.

Even if the weather hadn’t gone bad, conventional unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance was worthless. The density of the trees, combined with the shrieking, bitterly cold winds, also meant that the Nano drone the FSK carried was impossible to fly. They had been left with no other option than to go in “blind.”

As the teams slowly picked their way through the forest, sheets of snow and ice blew at them like shards of broken glass.

The last five hundred meters were the worst. The cabin was built in a wide ravine. Maneuvering down, several team members lost their footing—some more than once.

Because of the trees, the FSK’s snipers couldn’t find anywhere to set up. There were no clean lines of fire, and they were forced to move closer to the cabin than they would have liked. The operation was feeling more and more like a mistake.

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