SUMMER FILMS – 6 Exciting Films to Watch Right Now

May 25, 2021

Add these exciting films to your summer “to view” list!


This action thriller tracks a man who becomes the target of a drug lord after he helps a woman being harassed by a group of ruffians.

Watch Nobody (2021 Movie) | On Demand Now

Riders of Justice

In this Danish revenge thriller with a heavy dose of dark humor, Markus, played by Mads Mikkelsen, returns home to his daughter after his wife dies in what appears to be an accident.

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21 Bridges

Chadwick Boseman stars as the detective in charge of shutting down the 21 river crossings into Manhattan as part of a manhunt, in this action thriller.

Watch 21 Bridges | Prime Video (

The Courier

This Cold War-era spy thriller is the true story of a British businessman and a Soviet officer who try to end the Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Vault

In this thriller, a brilliant engineer links up with a band of thieves to steal a lost treasure from the world’s most secure vault beneath the Bank of Spain.

Watch The Vault | Prime Video (

The Marksman

The peaceful existence of a Marine turned rancher becomes completely disrupted when he tries to protect a young boy being hunted by a dangerous cartel.

Watch The Marksman | Prime Video ( Video (


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