Book Club Questions: Path of the Assassin

April 1, 2014

Book Club1. Scot claims a ‘standard, nonthreatening nationality’ to a cab driver in Jerusalem.  Why do you think he feels the need to do this?  Have you ever felt the need to hide your nationality?

2. What contraband items would you try to sneak in, if you were staying at The Point?

3. Which of the cities on the PATH OF THE ASSASSIN would/do you most like to visit? Why?

4. Brad opens the book with the inscription: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you wish for peace, prepare for war). How do you prepare for war?

5. Did the identity of the assassin surprise you?

6. What would motivate you to exact revenge?

7. What are the real life events of the last year that could inspire the plots of Brad’s next FACTION thriller?


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