Brad Thor’s Top 10 Zombie Movie Picks

October 23, 2014


Night of the Living Dead (original)

Dark and gory, this classic 1968 film was George Romero’s first foray into horror and marks the beginning of the genre – making it my all-time favorite.

Dawn of the Dead (original)

The second of Romero’s Living Dead series, Dawn centers on a group of survivors holed-up in a well-stocked, suburban shopping mall and packs not only chills, but a sense of humor.

28 Days Later

Unlike the shambling zombies in Romero’s films, I love 28 Days Later for its terrifying post apocalyptic world of hyper-aggressive, super-fast zombies that prey upon a small group of survivors trying to find sanctuary.

28 Weeks Later

In the sequel to 28 Days Later, the zombie infection – thought to have been all but wiped out – is reignited by an asymptomatic carrier, which starts all the fantastic mayhem from the first film afresh.

Dead Snow

One of the best premises for a horror film I have ever heard: zombies + Nazis = Nazi zombies who prey upon a group of friends alone in the mountains for a winter getaway.

Omega Man

I love watching the one-man-against-the-odds as Charlton Heston fortifies his apartment and spends his days hunting hordes of post-biological attack mutants, who in turn spend their nights trying to kill him as he works on a cure.

I am Legend

This 2007 film stars Will Smith and is an even more terrifying adaption of the novel I Am Legend (1954) upon which Omega Man was also based.

Shaun of the Dead

Absolute comedy gold about a couple of immature, underachieving British losers who find redemption in the throes of a zombie apocalypse.


Another zombie film packed with wall-to-wall laughs as a band of misfits (Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone) attempt to stay alive in the wake of a mad-cow-induced zombie pandemic.

Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez wrote and directed this spectacular action-horror tribute to the genre and packed it with actors like Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Rose McGowan, Michael Biehn, and even singer Fergie as a small group of civilians teams up with a military unit to try to repel wave upon wave of zombies.


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