January 1, 2016

Brad Thor Discipline

“God gives us the nuts, but he does not crack them.” – German proverb

In my thriller, STATE OF THE UNION, I wanted to explore discipline, particularly as it relates to spies, Special Forces operatives, and others who place the needs of the nation ahead of their own.

Discipline is a trait I call upon daily – especially when I need to be at my desk writing.

For those of you who have attended one of my book signings, or have watched online, you know that my career as a writer began on my honeymoon when my wife asked: What would you regret on your deathbed never having done?

It was a simple question, but I found it incredibly profound.  I had always known what I wanted to do, but I was afraid of failure.  By revealing one of my deepest desires to my wife, I was infused with the courage to begin.  But courage alone is not enough to succeed.

To succeed you need discipline.  Discipline is the power that helps steer you toward your goals in life.  It means self-control, such as writing those five pages or getting that workout in when you’d rather be checking Twitter or Facebook, watching TV, or doing any number of other, easier things.  Discipline is the ability to trade off immediate gratification now, for something even better later.

People with discipline achieve their goals because they are able to persevere no matter what.  Discipline empowers them to resist failure and setbacks.  If you have discipline, nothing can stop you and there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Can someone without good discipline improve?  Of course.  Discipline is like muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger you become.  It is something you can begin strengthening right now, today.

Start by doing something small – go without sugar for 24 hours, go to bed earlier, take a one-mile walk, begin using the stairs instead of the elevator, tackle a mundane task (at home/work) that you have been putting off – if you’re like me, the possibilities are endless and all around you.

Success in work, in your relationships… in anything, is a series of small steps – one right after the other. Discipline is what keeps us moving and taking those steps.  And the best part of all?  Discipline is the root of self-confidence, satisfaction, and happiness.  The moment you begin to practice discipline, your life immediately begins to get better.

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