October 1, 2015

Blue Angels

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

That quote, believe it or not, comes from Helen Keller, and it has always resonated with me.

Most men (and women), as Thoreau so succinctly put it, lead lives of quiet desperation. But why? Why are we so afraid of risk-taking? Why are we afraid of going after what we want it in life?

There are many answers – fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, even fear of success.

I believe, though, that the things we’re most destined to do and experience in life are often the things we’re most afraid of. By conquering your fear, you master a piece of yourself, which brings with it a sense of reward and immense satisfaction unlike anything else.

Life can be hard, very hard sometimes. It can be full of setbacks and disappointments. What it shouldn’t be full of are missed opportunities, especially when those opportunities were missed because you allowed your fear to talk you out of doing something that could bring you joy.

Your life is exactly that – yours. It can be a daring adventure, or nothing at all.

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