Book Club Questions: Black List

April 1, 2013

Book Club1. What are your thoughts on how technology is used and misused today? How might current technology be misused in the future?

2. How has your own privacy been compromised, and how could you have prevented it?

3. What does your/our future look like if more privacy is taken away?

4. Is added security worth it if it requires giving away some of your freedom?

5. Do citizens have a right to total privacy? Do they have a right to total security?

6. Once freedoms have been bartered away, can they be reclaimed?

7. What does it mean to you to be an American, and to be free?

8. What are your thoughts on Nicholas’ relationship with Nina?

9. Think about the Black List and discuss what it means to have due process in the context of treason and terrorism.

10. How do you feel about the possibility of a digital Pearl Harbor and a Net 2.0?

11. What are your thoughts about how your Internet searches are stored, studied and used to filter what you see on the Net verses everyone else?

12. How great is the Athena Team…do you know anyone who could become one?

13. What are the pros and cons of private compared to government groups working on national security?

14. How much has reading Black List changed the way you look at all things digital?


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