Book Club Questions: Full Black

March 1, 2015

Book Club1. How complicated do you think it would be to take down America? Who might have that kind of power or desire?

2. What do you think of the relationship between Scot Harvath and the Troll? Why do you think the relationship is developing the way it is?

3. Do you think Harvath is capable of the type of long-term relationship he seems to desire? What type of woman would she need to be to make the relationship successful?

4. What do you think of doing something that is against the rules/against the law (like what the Troll does at times to get information) for the “greater good”?

5. Which character(s) did you feel aligned with and why?

6. How do you feel about “enhanced interrogation”? How do you feel about the importance of getting “ticking time bomb” style information that is immediately germane to a real threat such as information that might have prevented 9/11?

7. What would you do/how would you feel if there was a terrorist attack on your local movie theater?

8. Does the real-world existence of the unrestricted warfare plan trouble you? Should the United States be doing more to guard against the threats it poses?

9. Do Brad’s plots make you see the world in a different way?

10. Are Brad’s storylines too hard on Islam? Do we need more or less discussion in the public sphere about the dangers posed by Muslim terrorists?


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