Scot Harvath’s Favorite Funk

December 3, 2019

Brad often includes a funk song as an “Easter egg” in his books. Now, you can listen to Scot Harvath’s favorite funk tunes on a new Spotify playlist.


  1. Flashlight by Parliament
  2. Love Roller Coaster by The Ohio Players
  3. Atomic Dog by George Clinton
  4. Mothership Connection by Parliament
  5. Tear the Roof off this Sucker by Parliament
  6. Rubber Duckie by Bootsy Collins
  7. More Bounce to the Ounce by The Zapp Brothers
  8. Apache by the Sugar Hill Gang
  9. Pass the Peas by Fred Wesley
  10. Ah.. The Name is Bootsy Baby by Bootsy Collins
  11. Up for the Down Stroke by Parliament




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