BACKLASH wins another award!

December 20, 2019


Suspense Magazine: What can fans expect to see from you in 2020?

Brad Thor: I created a special, exclusive edition of “Backlash” for Barnes & Noble in 2019. In it, I included a bonus chapter. That chapter has a VERY big hint of what’s next for my protagonist, Scot Harvath. I’ll be sending the chapter out to my email subscribers in early 2020 and they’ll get a taste of what’ll be coming in the summer. It’s going to involve more intense, non-stop action, more international intrigue, greater peril, and higher personal stakes than Harvath has ever experienced.

Suspense Magazine: What does having your book chosen as a “Best of ” by Suspense Magazine mean to you?

Brad Thor: It is an incredible honor—doubly so on this book. With “Backlash,” I tried to stretch myself as an author and to do things I had never done. With every word, I wondered: is this right? Am I doing this correctly? It feels right, but what will readers think? I took a lot of risks, but they all paid off. The reader reviews and critical acclaim for “Backlash” have been fantastic.

Suspense Magazine: If you could write a message to future aspiring authors and place it in a time capsule to read years later, what would you write?

Brad Thor: Never take anything for granted—especially your readers. Listen to them. They’re the people you work for. You owe it to them to produce the absolute best book you are capable of and then to turn around and get better with your next one. If you continue to do that, they will continue to keep you employed.

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